Buying Guide

Online Garages is designed to be quick and simple to get an accurate quotation for your garage or workshop and order online from the comfort of your own home. We have split the process into 3 steps which are outlined below but we advise that you do a few thing in preparation to make the process that little bit easier.

Planning Permission

As a general rule, concrete garage do not require planning permissions but every location and building is different so we firstly recommend you visit the Government Planning Portal website to make sure your garage building will not require planning permission. You can find out more on the Planning Permission section of Online Garages.

Concrete Base

It’s important that the base of your garage is the correct size, of good construction and level to make the installation trouble free. If you are having a new base installed, please allow at least 2-3 week for the base to set before arranging delivery of your garage. We offer a base laying service through the UK, please visit the Concrete Base section of Online Garages for more information.

Size & Location

Please carefully plot the location and size of your garage prior to starting your online build, it makes it easy to simply select the correct size from the online builder system to create a preview of your garage. You’re now ready to start your Online Quote.


Select the “Build Your Garage Now” tab at the top of the Online Garages website. This will display a number of different garage and workshop types, from standard to premium buildings. It is often a lot more cost effective to select a premium garage such as a Royale, Monarch or Duchess to start with as features such as PVC fascia’s, windows and steel doors all come as standard with these premium garages. Adding these features to a standard garage can often work out more expensive.

Next click on one of the garages you are interested in to see the exact specification of that garage and a gallery of previous builds we have completed.

Once you are ready to build a particular garage or workshop, select “Configure this Garage” at the bottom of the garage page.


You will now enter our online builder page. Firstly enter all your details in section A, this includes the first 2 letters of your postcode. When you start to enter your postcode a list will appear, please select your postcode from the list.

Upon entering your postcode the basic base price for this garage will appear in the right-hand-side configuration menu. This menu will automatically update as you configure your garage.

Now go to section B and select the garage size you require. As you change the size, you will notice the garage preview and price will automatically update from your selection.

Once you are happy with the size of your garage go to section C and select any additional option you require, these will be added to you garage configuration on the right of the page and may effect the price of your building.

Please note that the garage/workshop preview image is for illustration purposes only and your actual garage may differ from the image displayed.

If the size or options you require are not available on the online builder please click on the “Get a Customised Quotation” button on the right of the page and complete our quotation form.

Once you are happy with the garage or workshop you have configured, you can either save this quote which will be automatically emailed to you to process at a later date or select “Buy Garage” which will add the garage to your checkout and take you to STEP THREE.


You are now in the checkout system for your garage, you will see a complete breakdown of your garage specification along with any discount applied to your quotation. If you are happy with this, you can now complete the order process.

Select one of the option in blue on the checkout page, these will take you to the order page and allow you to enter all your billing information. You will also be prompted to select a billing method – either Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card over the phone or Payment online can be chosen. Select the most convenient method for you and click continue.

You will now be given a final overview of your garages specification, please check this and confirm your order. Although you are confirming your order, we will contact you within 24 hours to process your order and confirm taking the 17.5% deposit payment.